Since 2004, Caravaggio has been developing hybrid music, drawing its inspiration from rock, electronic music or contemporary jazz, refusing to belong to a single aesthetic, in order to preserve its freedom. Caravaggio’s music reflects the multiplicity and complexity of the contemporary world, going hand in hand with a fascination for cinema and its capacity to invent spaces, rhythms and collisions. 

Made up of four musicians including two contemporary composers and two musicians who have left their mark on European jazz since the 90s, the band composes collectively from an instrumentarium inherited from rock, electronic musics (sampler, sound processing, pad) and classical instruments (violin, double bass, piano, orchestral percussion). The music is fixed, written in its own way, but leaves a part of interpretation and improvisation.

Bruno Chevillon, bass, double bass, electronics
Benjamin de la Fuente, violin, mandocaster, guitar, electronics
Éric Echampard, drums, percussions and pad 
Samuel Sighicelli, Hammond organ, sampler, synthesizers Korg, Minimoog et Dave Smith